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A professional mobility assistance


Employed professionals in France have the chance to quality for the Mobili-Pass grant. This is a scheme that enables mobility assistance which is financed by Action Logement.

Subsequently, the services we provide can be covered under the mobili-pass grant. With this, you can benefit from coverage of certain expenses incurred during the change of address in relation to your recruitment or professional transfer.

The Mobili-Pass grant finances costs including your relocation when searching for accommodation, and also administrative procedures that relate to the commissioning of housing.

First Start in Bordeaux - MOBILI-PASS
The Mobili-Pass grant is subject to several conditions:

  • You must be in a situation of professional mobility (transfer or recruitment) requiring a change of your principal residence of more than 70km (or a transport time greater than 1h15)
  • You need to obtain rental housing upon onsite arrival within 6 months of taking office.
  • There are resource limits to be respected
  • There is one assistance grant available for a period of two years

We take care of all administrative procedures relating to the submission and status of your application with Action Logement (MOBILI-PASS)

First Start in Bordeaux